Blijf jung. Eet meer freud en spinoza.

Dutch is essentially a mixture of German and English spoken in a Swedish accent. Estel Telcontar (in John Cowan's Essentialist Explanations)

Dutch is a West Germanic language, a subdivision of the Germanic languages that also includes English, German, Afrikaans, Frisian and Yiddish. (Danish, Swedish and Norwegian are also Germanic languages, but belong to a different branch, the North Germanic languages.)

Dutch is an official language in the Netherlands and Belgium. The Dutch-speaking part of Belgium is known as Flanders, so some people refer to the language spoken there as Flemish. However, in spite of some differences in pronunciation and vocabulary, the Flemish and the Dutch speak the same language. They use the same spelling rules, dictionaries and grammars, and they have set up a joint organisation called the Nederlandse Taalunie (Dutch Language Union). The term “Flemish” is best used to refer to the dialects spoken in Flanders or to language features that only occur in Flanders but not in the Netherlands.

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