Languages on Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is a network of of question & answer sites about specific topics. People can ask questions or answer other people's questions. Both questions and answers can received upvotes and downvotes. Upvotes on answers bring the “best” answers to the top. There are several Stack Exchange sites related to language.

Anyone can propose a new Stack Exchange site. The proposal will then go through several phases before the site can “graduate”: definition (which is mainly about which types of questions would be allowed), commit, and public beta. A beta site needs to acquire a specific critical mass (in users, daily visitors, number of questions per day, number of answers per question) before it can graduate. (On 1 August 2019, all beta sites that had been around for seven years or longer were moved from “beta” to “launched”.)

“Horizontal” Sites

The first two sites are “horizontal” in the sense that they are not about a specific language but focus on a specific aspect that applies across languages:

Language-Specific Sites

Most language-related sites focus on a specific language. (Sites that have graduated are listed first. The beta sites are listed in alphabetical order.)

Finally, new proposals are continually being submitted. The following proposed sites are still on Area 51, Stack Exchange's staging area. In April 2018, Stack Exchange changed the rules for Area 51 because there had been too many weak site proposals. (Note: this list was created in early October 2016 and can go quickly out of date, as new proposals get submitted and proposals that are not viable get deleted.)

Resources for Researching Language Learning Stack Exchange Questions

Below is a set of resources that may be helpful when researching questions for Language Learning. A modified version of the content below was submitted to a community wiki on Language Learning Stack Exchange.