Language Teaching

This section of the site is about both teaching foreign languages and native language teaching.

General Introductions and Basics

Teaching Vocabulary

Teaching Grammar

Whether or not to teach grammar and how to do it has been a huge discussion topic in the last few decades (especially, apparently, since Stephen Krashen's language learning/acquisition theory, which included a "non-interface" position between learning and acquisition).

Total Physical Response (TPR)

Total physical response (TPR) is an approach developed by James Asher.

Teaching Pronunciation

Communicative Language Teaching

Unsorted Teaching Techniques and Approaches

Techniques for Teaching English

Techniques for Teaching French

Techniques for Teaching German

Techniques for Teaching Chinese

General Technique and Techniques for Other Languages

TPRS: Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling:

Teaching Foreign Languages to Hearing-Impaired and Deaf Learners

Grading and Evaluation

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